Gun Defenses Seminar

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This live online seminar will go over some of the most common gun attacks and the defenses to disarm those attacks. Not only will Vanguard Krav Maga® instructors go over techniques to disarm guns, but they will also dive into topics such as gun safety, safety in training, and the psychology behind an attacker with a gun. Issues of environmental awareness, and positioning will also be addressed in this seminar. Everest Pepper, our head Krav Maga instructor, will also be going over the common mistakes of gun defenses, as well as the basic rules and principles of defending against a gun.

Techniques that the Instructors will be going over:

  • Gun Defense from the front of Elbow (Right and Left Sides)
  • Gun Defense from the back of the Elbow (Right and Left Sides)
  • Krav Maga Cavaliers (Gun Disarms, Joint Locks)
  • Gun Defense from the Throat, where the threat free hand is grabbing your head and pushing onto the gun
  • Gun Defense to the front off center, on the throat
  • Gun Defense to the side of the Head


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