Martial Ops Krav Maga Seminar


Saturday, January 26th, 2019
12:00pm – 1:30 pm
Academy of Self Defense
3475 Woodward Avenue
Santa Clara, Ca 95054
Gemma or Neal at (408) 844-8485.

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With Tom Patire and Everest Pepper

High Caliber Street Self Defense
Next Generation, High Level, Intense Street Self Defense
This no nonsense immersive Martial Ops Krav Maga seminar has brought together two of the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to knowing how to defend yourself. There is over 75 years of experience between these two! Patire is America’s foremost expert on personal safety. Dubbed America’s Leading Personal Safety Expert®, Tom has dedicated his life to educating people about personal security and self-protection. Pepper is the senior Krav Maga instructor at the Academy of Self Defense.
This seminar will go over the raw basics of hand to hand combat. You will learn how to use close and longe range combatives to eliminate the threat and maneuver your way to safety. In addition to learning how to defend against one-on-one threats, you will also explore the intricacies in dealing with multiple attackers.