March is Women’s History Month!  So we are on a mission to empower and build confidence for Women everywhere– not for just this Month, but for the entire year!  It is our goal to help build situational awareness and arm women with the necessary skills to defend themselves in any situation.

We are looking to offer businesses and community organizations a free Women’s Self Defense Seminar!  There is no catch, nothing to pay for— we simply want to share our knowledge of situational and personal awareness that can help keep women safe!  We are confident that you will see the benefits of enabling women with the tools they need to the defend themselves.

We are offering our services to any group or business out there looking to offer such a course to Women.  These services will be offered for FREE because we believe that self defense for women should be easily accessible, and not come at a high price.

After the Free Women’s Self Defense, you can further your knowledge by getting Specialist Certified to teach Women’s Self Defense seminars to more of your students, customers, or potential groups you encounter in the future!

If you are interested in setting this up, please contact Ralph King at 1-866-KRAV-212 (1-866-572-8212) or email is at [email protected].