Castle Rock Martial Arts to Host Specialist Krav Maga Training


We have partnered with Castle Rock Martial Arts in Castle Rock Colorado to bring you a Knife Defense Seminar and a Krav Maga Specialist I Certification! For more information about the training, read further.

Knife Defense Seminar Overview

The purpose of this training seminar is to effectively defend and neutralize a knife or edged weapon attack. Topics covered will include but not be limited to: Using improvised weapons, defensive options using clothing, how to disorient an attacker, and guarding vital areas of your body.

Krav Maga Specialist I Certification

Specialist I focuses on defending common hand-to-hand attacks. The fundamentals taught are pertinent for males and females which include but are not limited to scenarios such as preventing a kidnapping, escaping from the ground, and common types of fights seen in public venues. Offensive measures are also covered teaching the trainee options from short to long ranges which are a cornerstone of the system.



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