Advanced Tactics

This training and certification culminates with Advanced Tactics. Complex scenarios are covered including car jacking, advanced knife defenses and disarming, defense vs. long guns, and various scenarios dealing with multiple attackers.
Advanced Tactics builds on the techniques of Hand-2-Hand Certification and the Weapons Certification and helps equip the student or potential instructor to begin implementing true problem solving abilities in quickly evolving scenarios.
Individuals who complete the Advanced Tactic certification may also have the opportunity to co-host a Specialist Camp with Vanguard Krav Maga® Headquarters Staff.



  • Car Jacking Scenarios
  • Multiple Attacker Defenses
  • Advanced Weapons (Knife/Long Guns):Knife Defense – Cavaliers, Long Gun from Front/Side/Back/and Behind.


What’s Included

Attendees who successfully complete the camp will be certified as a Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist Advanced Tactics Practitioner. Those who earn the Vanguard Krav Maga Specialist certification will receive the following:

  • Krav Maga Specialist certification through a world recognized brand
  • Official Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist Certificate
  • Basic listing on Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist website
  • Rights to display the Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist name and logo
  • (1) Training Manual
  • (1) Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist t-shirt
  • (1) Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist window decal
  • Full access to purchase items from Vanguard Krav Maga® Specialist Pro Shop which includes:
    • Baseball Hats
    • Dri-Fit T-shirts
    • Hooded Sweatshirts
    • Window Decals
    • Velcro Patches
    • Wall Banners
    • Additional seasonal apparel items


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